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Winter Care Tips for Wood Furniture

When you make the investment into high-quality solid wood furniture, it’s only natural that you’d want to protect it from damage. There are lots of basic ways to protect wood furniture, and then there are also seasonal considerations.

Summer’s high temperatures and humidity pose some dangers, and likewise, there are concerns when the weather turns cold. The following winter care tips for wood furniture help you avoid foreseeable damage that becomes more of a risk when the weather outside is frightful.

Protecting Wood Furniture in the Winter

Ø Keep your wood furniture away from sources of heat like heating vents, radiators, and space heaters. Ongoing exposure to blasts of heat can warp, discolor, and otherwise damage the wood and its finish.

Ø Don’t place drink containers directly on the surface of your wood furniture. It’s likely to leave one of those pesky rings. Use a coaster. It’s the civilized thing to do.

Ø Maintain fairly steady temperatures and humidity levels, as rapid changes in either can warp or crack wood. Keep the heat set to come on before it gets too frigid inside, even if you’re away for the holidays.

Ø Wipe down wood furniture with a soft, slightly damp cloth every few days. Central heating systems tend to expel a good amount of dust.

Ø Be wary of salt and other deicers on the bottom of your shoes. It can damage wood and other furniture materials.

Ø Remember, sun damage can occur any time of year. Don’t leave wood furniture where it gets hit by direct sunlight for any significant amount of time, or the wood may discolor. Consider this when placing furniture or close the window coverings as needed.

(L. Riforgiato)

Hale Manufacturing, Frontier High School

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