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What is the Mood in Your Cafeteria?

The school dining room exists to serve the students. For the students, every day, the meal environment is speaking for the school district. The message should be, "We value you. Everything that you’re looking at, everything you taste and smell and hear, how we greet you, how you feel here, is telling you that we value you, and that we’re really taking good care of you." The environment of the common dining area tells students explicitly, and it tells them unconsciously, how the school district feels about them. The message is embedded in the surroundings of the dining room, in the ways people relate to one another, and in the food itself. It speaks to nourishment of the whole person, in an environment of hospitality, health, and respect.

The cafeteria should be a wonderful place that appeals to young people. The surroundings, as well as the meals, should encourage students to feel happy, healthy, and comfortable in that space. The atmosphere of the dining room can bring the whole student body together every day around a set of values, in harmonious surroundings that promote healthy eating habits and healthy interactions.

Let GEFCO help you to provide a Happy Place for your students’ meals.

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