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Prepared For The Holidays?

Here are some tips from the blog “The Organized You: take back your life,” some ideas that may help you to get ready for this holiday season:

First make a budget. Using a spreadsheet can really help.

In a spreadsheet, you can include categories for gifts, cards, wrapping, food & drink, travel, entertainment, hosting and decorations. We don't always spend money in all of these areas, but it is a good idea to think about all the potential costs you might come across.

Second, create a list of gift-recipients, and either include this gift-list within your spreadsheet or keep it separate. Don't forget to take this list with you when you go shopping! A helpful trick here is to have categories so you know you've covered everyone - family, friends, co-workers.

Third, write down gift ideas, do some brainstorming of potential presents. Ask family members if there is anything they really want or need, but of course a surprise, or even a hand-made gift, is a lovely idea too.

We at GEFCO hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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