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Open Spaces & Collaboration

Many companies and organizations find themselves rethinking their workspaces as they find a better way to organize in support of a hybrid work environment. As they figure this out, the costs being spent on existing office spaces previously built around the 9-to-5, five-day workweek are being closely examined.

As Ian Thomas says in his article, “How Companies are Shifting their Office Spend to Lure Reluctant Workers Back” (published in The Bottom Line, 6/4/22), “Flexibility has become the buzzword for both sides of the employee-employer power dynamic.” He sees the office becoming what he calls a “collaboration destination,” part of a hybrid environment where while you might work from home on days where you’re catching up on work or emails, the office can serve as a space that is “all about connection.”

As we continue to see a lot more open spaces, collaboration spaces, conference rooms, meeting rooms, and break areas where people can sit and get together, GEFCO is working with its manufacturers to keep supporting products and ideas available to every customer. If you would like to visit with one of our account consultants, please go to the bottom of the homepage and leave us a message. Thank you.

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