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Need Auditorium or Carrel Furnishings?

Navetta Design’s history spans over 40 years, having been built from their long tradition of developing innovative and ergonomic educational furniture.

When they began in 1971 as Synsor Corporation, one of their early projects was the development of revolutionary training workstations for a new Boeing facility. Those conceptual seeds quickly led to the development of similarly innovative solutions for the education market, with their initial products among the first workstations developed specifically for bringing multimedia content into classrooms and libraries.

They later spun off from Synsor and became Shuttle System and then, simply, Shuttle – the name was inspired by their revolutionary patented mobile, reconfigurable furniture system developed for high schools and community colleges.

While Shuttle Furniture continues to serve the K-12 marketplace, their newest division – Navetta Designs — offers innovative fixed lecture hall and auditorium seating, ergonomic chairs, and other furniture products, much of it suited for higher education.

Ask GEFCO today how you can incorporate Navetta Designs products into your next project!

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