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Modern, Adaptable Furniture!

We believe it's important to inspire architects, help teachers, and support students in their classrooms.

Our main aim is to encourage creative thinking and help make classrooms that can change as learning evolves, giving students the chance to do their best.

By using experience, knowledge, and research, Alumni Classroom Furniture provides solutions to the problems students and teachers face in modern classrooms.

One way to help teachers is by making classrooms that can adapt quickly. Education is changing fast, and the demand is there for classrooms that can keep up. The Y5 series of desks/tables is effective at facilitating collaboration AND individual study.

Let’s ensure that every student has the chance to learn using the latest methods.

All Alumni products are made to high standards and checked many times to make sure they are good quality.

We at GEFCO want buying classroom furniture to be a pleasant experience for you, which is why we turn to top-notch manufacturers.

Our goal is to help you to create classrooms where every student can learn well and keep up with their education. Alumni is one of the excellent companies we work with to achieve this.

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