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Looking into science lab tabletop surfaces?

The good news is that there are many different material options to suit a wide range of scientific environments, ranging from elementary school to high-level laboratories. The variety need not be overwhelming.

We offer tables with surfaces including High Pressure Laminate, Chem-res, Phenolic Resin, Epoxy Resin, and Trespa TopLab. The High Pressure Laminate is suitable for elementary and middle school science settings. The Chem-res is better able to withstand the chemical situations faced in a high school lab. For secondary and post-secondary lab settings, the truly good, better, and best tabletops are the Phenolic Resin, Epoxy Resin, and Trespa TopLab surfaces.

The Trespa TopLab, our highest quality lab tabletop, is a high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) fabricated with natural fibers and thermosetting resins. It has been developed specifically for the most demanding functional and scientific applications. It offers a highly scratch-resistant and harsh chemical-resistant tabletop. TopLab, Trespa’s completely closed, non-porous surface, is easy to clean and reduces bacteria for a sterile environment. Its high durability comes with long-lasting hygiene and an attractive design. Our Trespa TopLab tabletops are the ideal choice in environments where hygiene, avoidance of contamination, sustainability, ergonomics, and safety are important. Ideal environments include chemical, physical, analytical and microbiological laboratories.

We can also help you with Tritan lab stools, among the best on the market. So if you’re wanting to work with us to identify which tabletop is best for YOUR lab and to furnish your science setting appropriately, contact GEFCO right away. We are here to serve YOU!

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