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GEFCO offers a variety of Norix furnishings created especially for use in jails, prisons, and group homes where safety is paramount and wearability is crucial!

Custody® Sealed Seam Mattresses feature 100% sealed seams that are radio frequency welded and guaranteed not to break – for enhanced hygiene, security and durability.

FIRE RETARDANT FLUID RESISTANT ANTIMICROBIAL BEDBUG RESISTANT Norix Blue is a durable mattress with infection control features that make it suitable for daily use in critical environments. It features 100% sealed seams for unsurpassed seam strength and a durable polyurethane coated cover. Day in, day out, Norix Blue will perform well above your expectations.

Color Norix Blue Sealed Seam Silver Secure is the perfect mattress for those facilities needing more durability and security than what is found in your typical corrections mattress. It is constructed with a durable polyurethane-coated cover with reinforcing ripstop scrim, along with enhanced break strength for added security. An applicable product for the intensive use found in correctional environments.

Color Silver Ripstop, Sealed Seam Black Max is a highly durable mattress and is suitable for the most extreme use spaces in your facility. That’s because the mattress is constructed with 100% sealed seams that are reinforced with maximum security stitching for unsurpassed seam strength. It’s also constructed with an extremely impervious, polyurethane coated cover with reinforcing ripstop scrim. All of this makes Black Max highly resistant to constant-use, bodily fluids, bed bugs and other challenges you may find in correctional setting.

Color Black 27 Ripstop, Sealed, Stitched Seam Custody Clear Sealed Seam Mattress is polyurethane coated and sealed with radio frequency welding. The translucent design reduces the capability for contraband storage, and the sealed seams prevent bed-bugs and bodily fluid absorption for greater infection control. The unique air string core and upgraded polyurethane coated polyester cover create long-lasting durability well beyond the standard correctional mattress.

Color Clear Sealed Seam Our Marathon mattress is the most durable correctional mattress on the market and can stand up to the most extreme spaces in your facility. Truly innovative, the product has a seamless exterior that is rotationally-molded in one-piece, not sewn or stitched. The rotationally-molded vinyl skin is 200 mm thick and is filled with soft polyurethane foam for comfort. An integrated double-sided pillow adds safety and security while the heavy weight of the product deters it being used as a barrier or weapon. Nonabsorbent and fluid resistant. No seams for bedbugs to invade. Like its name implies, Marathon goes the distance.

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