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Great New Early Childhood Furniture!

These past few years have been nothing short of challenging. Not only for Jonti-Craft, but for everyone across the globe. We are happy to see them and our other manufacturers getting back somewhat to a sense of “normalcy”. Children are back to learning in physical classrooms and interacting with quality Jonti-Craft products!

The Jonti-Craft team has also been hard at work to introduce some great new products recently. Items like the award winning Jonti-Craft® Dream Cube, the fun Key Lime Green cushions, Magnetic STEM Board, and Tabletop Book Browser. In addition, they have been busy getting some new Rainbow Accents® and Berries® colors options ready for 2023!

While they have had many successes, Jonti-Craft is still facing many challenges—such as continuous issues with supply chain disruptions, steep and steady increase in prices of raw materials and transportation, material and labor force shortages, and tariffs, just to name a few. Unfortunately, these issues have led to a price increase for 2023. They and GEFCO assure you that efforts will continue to make changes where possible and look for new ways to minimize cost impacts. And you will continue to receive the same high-quality furniture you have come to know and depend on from GEFCO.

To view new products available from Jonti-Craft, follow this link:

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