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Empathic Environment ==> Confidence & Creativity

A key ingredient to the future of educational design, empathy is linked to creative thinking, encouraging Gen Z-ers to discover new perspectives and learn from each other. That creativity manifests in various ways for different Gen Z-ers: some find stimulus in each other and others when the room is quiet. Supporting both methods of focus is essential to creating an empathic classroom or workspace.

Developing a sense of empathy can also boost confidence, instilling the belief that there is possibility and newness in every day, a key part of Gen Z's formative early career years. When Gen Z is encouraged to be curious about the world around them, they discover a new way of looking at their experiences and develop empathy for their peers.

At GEFCO, we work closely with manufacturers who place great stock in developing furnishings that help to create empathic, creativity-boosting learning and work environments. Speak with a GEFCO consultant today for assistance in planning your next furniture acquisition!

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