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10 Tips for Office Furniture Layouts

Having an organized office is crucial to career success. It helps focus all the energy in the office and put you in command and control over your career. The way your furniture is positioned creates a stimulated and comfortable working environment that will encourage success.

Thanks to, Jerome Abecassis of Divano Designs and Brigitte Beltra, Feng Shui Expert, offer their 10 tips for office furniture layouts:

1. DO place your desk so you can see clearly when sitting behind it. If you sit with your back to the door, you are inviting others to take advantage of you. You are also turning your back to the incoming wealth and blessings for your career.

2. DO sit with your back against a solid wall or corner – not with a window behind your back. Having a window behind you makes you vulnerable.

3. DON’T sit in line with the door, as you will be in the path of negative energies.

4. DO place your computer in the North or West areas of your desk to enhance creativity. Place the computer in the Southeast corner if you use it to generate income.

5. DON’T have any mirrors in your office as they can reflect negative energies for clients and other people in the room.

6. DO keep the cords of your office equipment well hidden. They eliminate clutter and allow the free flow of energies.

7. DO place your reference books on the left side of your desk, such as a dictionary, manuals, and any other items you often reach for.

8. DO keep the back left corner of your desk clean, dust free, and uncluttered. If there is space in the back of your monitor for photos or posters, position family pictures in photo frames or renderings of future projects. Those pictures should face you.

9. DO place awards, diplomas, and certificates, centered on the wall behind your desk.

10. DO have an ergonomical office chair for your posture and back. Your office chair represents your career area. Keep it clean and dusted, with a floor mat that looks fresh and new.

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